Jewel of the East

Aguaclara hasn’t been with us as long as many brands, but they’ve certainly made a dazzling impression in the time they’ve been working with us. One particularly magnificent bikini that’s worthy of a full review and examination from this season’s collection is Horizonte. It’s been a particular favourite of everyone at UK Swimwear for its astoundingly rich colour scheme and its unabashed opulence.

Aguaclara Horizonte Bikini

Minimal Design with a luxury touch

The Horizonte Bikini is not minimal, yet it manages classic quite well. This is normally unachievable unless the design has all its complexity taken out and the finished product is restrained and simple. Horizonte however, uses the most regal and precious shades of blue and gold, always favourites, to give it a timeless appeal.

It’s a sumptuous bikini and it takes its inspiration from a number of very clever sources. Persian or Moorish art are some of the more recognizable ones. The gold “pieces of 8” style sequins that embellish the Horizonte bikini add to its regal spirit and gives it a kind of Eastern mysticism. It’s truly a design out of a Maharaja’s palace.

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