An Ancient Kind of Beauty


Roidal are masters of nature, weaving the wildest elements of the natural world into their swimwear with skill and finesse. The most impressive examples of this all seem to be emerging from their their new collection. One design in particular, we were stunned by.

Roidal Samoa is one of the most truly creative and inspired swimwear designs we’ve seen in years, from any name. Blending tribal patterns with the most iconic animal prints, they’ve created something quite beautiful. The animal chosen is the snake, one of the most enchanting animals found in the Polynesian islands, a symbol of mystery and power. Nature patterns have been in the making and moulding for millions of years, so they’re always classics and they’re adaptable to nearly any setting.

Whilst the patterning on Roidal Samoa’s bust isn’t a traditional tribal pattern, it borrows the muted teals and the swirling motifs from many different cultures you might recognise. Samoa has taken the essence of these great civilisations and peoples and has made them all her own. The blend is certainly eclectic and naturally daring. It is the least orthodox blend of patterns we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, but that’s what makes it so astoundingly beautiful.

Roidal Samoa is a breakthrough swimwear design that’s going to set a very high benchmark for other designers. This is the beginning of a new fashion era for beautiful swimwear.

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