Blue Mojito Kaftans

blue mojito rachael kaftan

A new brand is always an exciting thing, but it’s hard to describe the excitement when the brand is this wild.

Blue Mojito is one of the most inspirational and creative souls in swimwear. Their range of kaftans, their staple garment, is astounding in its opulence. Every design is jam-packed with colour, precious jewels and out of the box thinking.


With a touch of inspiration from all over te globe, from the Indian subcontinent to the Aztec jungles to the Polynesian islands, each kaftan is perfect in its own way.


Like any great designer, their range is small enough to allow them to concentrate on what they truly care about. This season, they have released no more than four kaftans in total. Plenty of other swimwear designers keep their ranges small, but this is an incredible feat.

But you know why this is the case when you look at one of these designs for the first time. Even the photography is out of this world, conveying a kind of mysticism and other-worldly beauty.

With a brand so visually stunning, there’s the risk the design has put too much into the visual and not enough into the garment itself. Blue Mojito is one of those exceptional examples of a brand that lives up to its stunning image. The quality of the kaftans is unrivalled, as should be the case for a designer that makes nothing else.

We’re so enthusiastic to see what Blue Mojito produces in the future. Their work is so passionately designed, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly come next.

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