Swimwear With Zips

Lidea Zipper Stripedd Bikini with front zip

Swimwear with zips is the new big thing. We’re seeing them everywhere, around every turn. But not regular zips that fasten your bikini for you. Clasps are still the number one item for that. Ornamental zippers are fast becoming a key feature of fashion bikinis.

The Lidea Zipper Stripes Bikini is a prime example of how this fantastic trend is catching on and how designers are making the most of it. Lidea have made this clever and innovative motif the centre of the design. By putting it in the centre of this design, they’ve helped attract attention to the parts of your body a bikini is supposed to highlight.

The centre of the chest and the brief have both metallic detailing and the patterning to attract attention and look fantastic.

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