2018 Swimwear Trends: High-Neck Swimwear

Swimwear trends 2018: High neck swimwear

With the new year, it’s time to revisit the top trends we loved in 2017. What did you love? What did you hate? It’s time for us to talk about the swimwear trends you’ll fall for in 2018: The low backs, the beautiful prints, the lace, the embellishments (yes, we said lace and embellished swimwear styles). After all, with so many swimwear styles to choose from, looking at fashion trends can help you make the final decision. Today we’re talking about one of those swimwear trends everybody will be talking about in 2018: The High-Neck Swimwear.

Miraclesuit Leopard High Neck Swimsuit
Shop the style: Miraclesuit Glitz Luxe High Neck Swimsuit

Miraclesuit goes for an elegant version of the high neck swimsuit in some of its 2018 swimwear style. Spoiler alert: it looks fab! As you can see in the picture above, Miraclesuit’s high neck style it’s a crossed version of a halter neck. We first saw this style in Miraclesuit’s 2017 collection and we loved it. If you check out our high-neck swimwear trend edit you’ll realise there are more Miraclesuit high-neck swimsuits this season, right? That should give you a clue of how much we love high-neck swimsuits.

Black Designer High-Neck Swimsuit by Gottex
Get the look: Gottex Black Diamond High-Neck Swimsuit

We may have started this post with Miraclesuit, but we must admit nobody does the high-neck trend as Gottex does. Profile by Gottex, Profile Sports by Gottex, Gottex Jewel Box, Gottex Couture and, of course, Gottex Cruise. Every single Gottex collection includes high-neck swimsuits and bikinis. While there’s something for everyone, we simply adore high-end swimwear with high necklines. Even more when all the attention is driven to the neckline area, just like these two beautiful Gottex styles.

Gottex Jewel Box Star Sapphire Swimsuit
Shop now: Gottex Star Sapphire Swimsuit

Gottex’s exquisite designs are to die for, but that isn’t the only swimwear brand for high-neck swimsuits. If you feel like adding a touch of elegance to your beach wardrobe, without spending too much, you also have quite a few pretty options. Just look at the style below. Isn’t it a stunning red swimsuit? We welcomed Forever Unique swimwear to the company a few months ago, but it has quickly become one of favorite brands of swimwear whatsoever. The reasons? Great quality, elegant finish and good price! This red high-neck swimsuit below is part of Forever Unique 2017 collection, but there’s much more to come in 2018 and, spoiler alert, you’ll love it!

Forever High Neck Designer Swimsuit
See more: Forever High Neck Designer Swimsuit

Last but not least, a special mention to one of those attractive budget-friendly brands: Phax. Just like Gottex, Phax went strongly for the high-neck bikini trend in its 2017 collection. While Phax collection included a number of gorgeous high-neck styles, choosing the best one had zero difficulties. Here you have it; our favourite high-neck bikini. Maybe the picture helped us love it so much, but you’ll have to agree with this on this: this Phax high-neck bikini is pure perfection!

Phax Printed High Neck Bikini
Get the look: Phax High-Neck Bikini

What’s your favourite high-neck swimwear style?

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  1. JessicaS says:

    I love flattering swimwear and I think innovation is a good thing. The lace-like top does detract attention from the wearer. I would have preferred a full fabric fill high-necked one-piece, which in addition, ought be more durable. But keep any design sexy!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jessica! Gottex has other styles just like you say. They’ve gone all crazy with the high necklines these last seasons. Of course, we aren’t complaining. They look stunning! We love the combination of halter neck and plunge neckline, too, which is one of the top styles for 2018. So sexy!

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