Guide to Buying Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shapes

What is the best body shape for swimwear? Probably the answer will be this: A X-shape hourglass figure. However, most common body shape in Britain is Rectangle, according to a study of the MMU. What does a rectangle body shape mean? It means your bust, waist and hips are about the same size. If you think you respond to this body type, have a read at this post to find out How to do the Best of your Swimwear if you’re a rectangle body shape. 

Get the Ultimate Hourglass Shape with a Cut-Out Swimsuit

Rectangular body shape swimwear - cut outs

Not only cut out swimsuits are one of the top trends in 2015, but also a great way to draw a waist and create the illusion of an hourglass shape. Gottex Stardust Cut Out Swimsuit (£139.95) & Vacanze Italiane Blue Leopard Monokini (£109.95). 

Drive the attention to your centre top

Rectangular body shape swimwear - angled strapes

If you want to go for printed swimsuits, always try to drive attention to the centre top of your body. Angled stripes will enhance your bust for a narrow waist effect! Gottex Anguilla Contour Swimsuit (£144.95), Little Kiss City Swimsuit (£69.95) & Gottex Emerald Boa Halter Neck Swimsuit (£137.95).

A front tie bikini top makes a huge difference

Rectangular body shape swimwear - front tie

It’s amazing how a tiny front tie changes the way a bikini top looks on you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re busty or athletic. Go for a bikini top with a front tie. LingaDore Boho Bikini (£44.95), LingaDore Zanzibar Halter Bikini (£59.95), Rosch Circle Bikini (£99.95 £109.95) and Tessy Dana Bikini (£84.95). 

Tie the Bikini bottom to make your Hips Stand out

Rectangular body shape swimwear - bottom tie

String bikini bottoms are perfect to enhance the hips of rectangle body shapes, particularly when they have lovely patterns like these ones. Sielei Morocco Bikini (£49.95), David Lady Club Sabbia Print Push Up Bikini (£69.95), Roidal Cristel Bikini (£169.95) & LingaDore Hula Push-Up Triangle Bikini (£54.95). 

Final tips for Buying Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shapes: 

  • Avoid bandeau swimwear
  • Avoid square necks
  • Go for floral patterns

Do you need any help choosing your swimsuit? Leave us a comment or contact UK Swimwear. We’re always happy to help.


  1. I would like to purchase the Gottex Kinetic black and white design swim costume. I need a size 12 and 14. Not sure which size. You are only showing a size 16. Are you able to get this swim costume in the sizes I need?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Denise Haberman

  2. Hi Denise,

    I’m sorry for my late reply. I’ve contacted Customer Service. Keri has just gone back to you by phone, so you must have a voice mail from her. Hope it helps.

    Marta. UK Swimwear

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